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My mission  is to help you better understand yourself and the natural energies that effect your life.  When your natural flow of energy is blocked, you can become fatigued, depressed or even ill.  In other words, your spirit may need some revitalizing or healing in order to help you feel like yourself again.  I show you how to have peace and  find truth through feeling.  How to find relief in the life situations that challenge you most, plus have physical and mental wellness.  You learn to understand and be aware of what you are creating in your life and why, so you can change it.  With my help you learn how to overcome life's roadblocks and live your life to the fullest.  Your spiritual healing starts now....
Note: Jeanne is NOT a medical doctor, psychologist or psychiatrist.  She does not claim to be a licensed health care provider of any kind.  Jeanne's work is NOT offered as a replacement or substitute for healthcare treatment with a licensed professional.  Jeanne does not take any clinical responsibility for the health, welfare or health care of any client.
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Welcome to Compassionate Illumination.  Hi, my name is Jeanne and I will be your personal guide to help you understand yourself, your feelings, your mind and your true inner being. My goal is to help people who are experiencing physical, mental, emotional or spiritual pain.  I use my God-given gifts, abilities and energy based healing techniques to assist in spiritual guidance, spiritual healing, spiritual growth and genuine happiness overall.  Please allow me to accompany you on your journey to your own spiritual awakening and finding the "true you."  I wish you  peace, light and love throughout your journey.  
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Animals, Angels, Nature...... 

are extremely important to your spiritual healing and growth.  You will learn that Animals  have been the spiritual companions of humans since the beginning of recorded time. The earliest indication of the spiritual significance of the human-animal relationship can be found in the 20,000-year-old cave wall paintings of Cro-Magnon people.  Every one of us has an animal spirit that can guide us, help us when we need it and give us comfort.  Can you guess my favorite?

Angels  are essentially messengers and act as conduits between us and God. Angels have manifested here on planet Earth, always as angels, never as humans....Many have come here on planet Earth and have temporarily taken on human form....Some are ancients, carrying the wisdom of the ages, making it accessible at various times in our evolution as a species, as we have needed it, and been able to receive it...Some guides are healers, intent on helping us relieve our pain and clear the fears that we allow to get in the way of living our lives....Some guides are entities from other dimensions who have chosen to participate in the transformation of planet Earth.

Nature  is always with us.  Trees,wind and water are all living things they give you positive energy or negative, whatever it may be.  For centuries many have used Mother Earth's tools for spiritual guidance and healing.
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Located in Bedford, Pennsylvania, Jeanne has become the most prominent and sought out spiritual advisor in the area.  Through her God- given intuitive insights and feelings, she helps countless people in physical, spiritual and even emotional pain overcome their hardships, heal their spirits and regain control of their lives.  With her help, you too can gain insight and repair your inner self.  With a strong, happy and healthy spirit, there is no limit to what you can accomplish.  Jeanne offers a variety of services to help you with your spiritual awakening and healing.  
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